Resources for your practice and for your patients

  • Clinical resources*

    BLENREP Product Initiation Directory

    A directory of important resources to start and maintain treatment with BLENREP.

    Setting Expectations for Your Patients: HCP Guide for Patient Education

    A guide to support discussions with patients beginning treatment with BLENREP. 

    Dosage and Administration Guide

    A focused overview of how to prepare and administer BLENREP.  

    HCP Checklist  

    A quick reference guide for HCPs to review prior to treating patients with BLENREP.

    *See accompanying full Prescribing Information.


    Visit the Eye Care Professional Center to access eye care professional education

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) resources*

    EHR Guide for BLENREP Integration

    This guide contains information needed for inclusion of BLENREP in the following EHR systems: Allscripts TouchWorks, ARIA, Athena Practice, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, Epic, iKnowMed, MOSAIQ, OncoEMR, NextGen. Topics include adding medication, updating treatment regimen, and adding patient education.

    Patient Education for BLENREP

    This resource can be uploaded into your EHR to provide to patients. Includes important information to help patients as they start treatment with BLENREP.

    *See accompanying full Prescribing Information.

  • Patient resources*

    BLENREP Patient Brochure

    A guide for patients considering or starting treatment with BLENREP.

    Medical ID Wallet Card

    A wallet card to collate care team contact information.

    Appointment Tracker

    A form to help track doctor visits and infusions.

    Eye Drop Program Enrollment Form  

    A support program is available for your patients to receive preservative-free lubricant eye drops during their treatment with BLENREP.

    *See accompanying full Prescribing Information.

  • Access & affordability resources*

    Ordering Guide for BLENREP

    Steps and information for securing vials of BLENREP. 

    Billing and Coding Guide

    A guide to important coding and product information to help with your reimbursement for BLENREP.

    Together with GSK Oncology HUB Enrollment Form

    The first step to getting patients access and affordability resources.

    Together with GSK Oncology Patient Co-pay Brochure

    A guide to the BLENREP savings program.

    *See accompanying full Prescribing Information.


    Learn about the services Together with GSK Oncology offers.


    BLENREP is available only through a restricted program under a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) called the BLENREP REMS. Learn more 

    *See accompanying full Prescribing Information.