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GSK understands the challenges both you and your patients face after their diagnosis. Together with GSK Oncology is here to help, offering a variety of access and reimbursement services in one easy-to-access location for all GSK oncology products.

  • Coverage support:

    • Patient-specific benefits investigation

    • Prior authorization and appeals support

  • Co-pay Assistance Program* for commercial patients

  • Claims assistance

  • Patient Assistance Program (PAP) for uninsured and Medicare patients

  • Referral to third-party support services

    • Patient advocacy organizations

    • Independent co-pay foundations

  • Ophthalmology adherence services

    • Schedule ophthalmic appointments

    • Send appointment and patient reminders

*See full terms and conditions.

Coverage support

Benefits Investigation

Together with GSK Oncology offers patient-specific benefits investigations. Please note that investigations do not guarantee a result and it is the physician’s responsibility to check with the payer.

Together with GSK Oncology can:

  • Contact insurance companies to obtain specific coverage information

  • Check payer’s prior authorization requirements

  • Determine estimated patient out-of-pocket responsibility

Together with GSK Oncology will contact you to explain estimated coverage.

Prior Authorization (PA) and
Appeals Support

Together with GSK Oncology can:

  • Research plan requirements

  • Outline steps required for obtaining a PA from the patient’s plan

  • Obtain unique and plan-specific PA forms (where applicable)

Together with GSK Oncology can also follow up with the plan to determine the status of the PA submission (if requested).*

Assistance programs

Co-pay Program

Together with GSK Oncology can evaluate the patient for potential assistance options, including the GSK Co-pay Program. If approved, patients could pay as little as $0 for their medicine.

If your patient is approved, the GSK Co-pay Program may help with the patient’s cost share for the GSK product and the cost of administration, up to $100 per administration for intravenous products, up to a program total of $26,000 annually. Residents of Massachusetts, Minnesota, or Rhode Island are not eligible for reimbursement of administrative fees. Doctor’s office visits, labs, and other ancillary services are not included in the Co-pay Program.

Patient Assistance Program

Uninsured patients and Medicare patients who meet eligibility requirements may access medication free of charge through GSK’s Patient Assistance Program (PAP).


Together with GSK Oncology must determine patient eligibility.

Please visit for full terms and conditions and information on how to apply.